As we dig out from the storm, here is some information you might need!

Many people are digging out from the storms of yesterday here in Northwest Georgia.  While you work with your insurance adjuster, here are some great resources to review in case you suffered damage!

1.  Stay safe till weather clears.  Continue listening for news and weather announcements from news and government outlets.  Travel only if necessary so emergency responders have to not worry about additional emergencies caused by people who want to just “look and see”.

2.  Once safe, take an inventory of the condition of your home and business for damage.  Take pictures and take notes.  Attempt to keep further damage from occurring to your home if you are only knowledgeable to do so.  Tarps over roofs and other possible minor quick repairs.

3.  Immediately start a claim with your insurance carrier.  You can always call your agent, but here are a few numbers (of course, no endorsement for any):

  • Allstate – 1-800-255-7828
  • Travelers – 1.800.252.4633
  • Farm Bureau – (855) 432-2567
  • State Farm – 1-800-782-8332
  • Alfa – 1-800-964-2532
  • Geico – 1-800-861-8380

4.  Contact local utility companies about any loss of service.

5.  Keep any and all receipts regarding your damage.

6.  Verify off-site personal information is available to you in case of damages caused by storms.

Stay informed, safe and prepared.

Here are some great links!

Good what to do article –

Georgia Department of Homeland Security –

IRS Information about Casualty Losses – Publication 547 (2012), Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts.


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